One of the biggest problems society faces today is the rampant pollution of the environment. According to the World Bank researchers, the world generates at least 3.5 trillion kilograms of plastic and other solid wastes each day. Additionally, around 4 to 13 billion kilograms of these wastes go into the ocean. The pollution in our seas and ocean then results in the entanglement and ingestion of plastics by marine wildlife.

In the Philippines, termed as the "sachet economy," citizens use over 60 billion single-use plastics each year, with 20% ending in streams and rivers that eventually leaks into the ocean. These daunting figures will continue to grow unless we minimize (and hopefully stop) using single-use items.

Reusable Materials

With this predicament right before us, we should be proactive agents in providing solutions to pollution’s global threat. The call for proactivity against environmental corruption is the reason why SPILE advocates for the use of reusable products over single-use items.

By shifting to reusable products, you can decrease your carbon footprint by lessening the number of solid wastes you produce. You can also reduce the need to harvest raw materials for item production (a known contributor to global warming). You can also save up money since you only have to reuse your item (e. g., SPILE Flask) and not buy single-use products, such as a cold bottled water every time you need a drink. Last and most notably, you can influence others to also gear towards a lifestyle that incorporates the reusing of products.

Zero-Waste Future

A Zero-Waste Future is the hope and advocacy of SPILE. With your collaboration, we can minimize and stop wastes from ending up in the environment. Like how a droplet can create ripples, an individual's action can create profound effects. Let us build our future today.