Upon implementing a policy banning all single-use plastics from a premier university in the Philippines, access to cold water became a challenge inside its campuses. Students and staff who used to rely on single-use plastic water bottles were then urged to bring their bottles instead. Although water fountains are located within the school, bottles refilled from these stations would soon cool down and turn to room temperature not long after filling.

Then comes the trend of vacuum flasks within the campus, which can keep drinks hot and cold for an extended time. However, these flasks' promise and performance come with a price (and it's not student-friendly). With this situation, cold water became accessible for those who can only afford it.

2021 – #HydrateWithSPILE

SPILE was launched to bridge the gaps between individuals and hydration by creating affordable reusable water bottles that individuals can use to enhance their day-to-day experiences. Whether you are grinding at work, studying at school, sweating during a workout, traveling for a trip, or even just chilling at home, SPILE will keep your drinks cold (or hot) for you—all day!

We started our collection with 21oz flasks in four colors—black, white, aqua, and light pink—and we plan to bring more colors, sizes, and designs to make your hydration stylish. Just like spiles, which are small pegs used to broach water from trees, we aim to make drinking water accessible and stylish for you—always.